Loyal Orange Lodge History in Western Canada

History of the Loyal Orange Lodge in Western Canada

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The Beginning

 Orange Hall of Loyal Orange Lodge No. 1514, Graysville, RM of Dufferin, Manitoba

  Johnson E. Cooper, a stout jolly little Irishman from Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland, belonged to the No. 4 Company of the Ontario Battalion.  He was a full private but no man in the Regiment was more willing to do his bit - and then some - than Johnson E.  Stowed in his knapsack he carried from Toronto to Fort Garry the charter of the first Orange Lodge established in Manitoba.  He took his discharge in the Province and went into business at Emerson and became a partner in the firm of Cooper & Carmichael, building contractors.  He sat as a member of the town council for a number of years and died at Emerson, one of its most respected citizens.

Joseph F. Tennant, Rough Times 1870 - 1920: A Souvenir of the 50th Anniversary of the Red River Expedition of the Province of Manitoba  


      Sign on Orange Hall, Surrey, British Columbia. (demolished in 2015) 

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