Loyal Orange Lodge History in Western Canada

Thomas Scott's Body

Thomas Scott's Body: and other essays on early Manitoba history
by J.M. Bumstead, Professor of History, University of Manitoba

Two essays within the book, Thomas Scott's Body and Why Shoot Thomas Scott? might be of interest to the Western Canadian Orangeman.  The late Brother Scott has not been treated too kind by shoddy historians or apologists and sympathizers of Louis Riel and it is not uncommon to find them demonizing Scott's character in order to, somehow, give justification to his murder.  Bumstead stresses chronology and documentation in his writings and challenges the objectiveness of some who don't.  An interesting read on the torturous murder of Brother Scott and the indignification of his body afterwards.  By the standards of that period, Riel and his accomplices deserved to hang for those actions alone.

Curse of the Red Cross Ring


An good yarn based on fact, superstition and old wives tales.  The authour knows next to nothing about the Orange Order, (hence his claim that the Red Cross degree is the highest of the Orange Order, when in fact it is a degree of the Royal Black Knights)  but it is nevertheless an enjoyable read that takes the reader back to an earlier period of Newfoundland.  The Orange Order has, and still does, play a significant social and cultural role in Newfoundland society which still has many Loyal Orange Lodge's and Royal Black Preceptories.

Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America

By James Webb.  For summary click here    and here

The Sash Canada Wore

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