Loyal Orange Lodge History in Western Canada

Orange Benevolent Society in Saskatchewan

Box 160
Indian Head, SK
S0G 2K0
Phone: 306-695-3450
Fax: 306-695-3450
email: obs@sasktel.net

The Orange Benevolent Society of Saskatchewan was created in 1923 by the Grand Orange Lodge of Saskatchewan (now the Grand Orange Lodge of Western Canada) and the former Ladies Orange Benevolent Association, Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan.  The Orange lodges in Saskatchewan as well as lodges in other jurisdictions have generously supported the OBS since its inception until recently.  The O.B.S. is currently seeking new members (Associate or Life).

The OBS News letter states the requirements for fundings as:

Medical Application Requirements
A letter explaining family personal circumstances and reason for monetary assistance.  This letter shall be in English and no longer than 2 pages double spaced.
An itemized expense sheet outlining expenses incurred or to be incurred including but not limited to:
devices to improve quality of life.
travel and treatment expenses not covered through Saskatchewan Health or private insurance.
Please provide doctor certification.
Proof of necessitation - copy of previous year Income Tax Return.

Education Scholarship Requirements
A copy of educational transcripts Proof of enrollment.
Proof of student loan acceptence or decline.
Resume of employment experience and interests.
An essay outlining plans for future.
Proof of necessitiation: copy of previous year income tax statement and/or spouses income tax statement if applicable.
Two letters of reference are required.
Scholarship amounts will be determined dependant on applications received and amounts available.
Recipients will be selected on academic achievement, financial need and for those young adults with a plan and dedication for self-improvement as expressed in the required essay.
Mature students are encouraged to apply.

Note:  The Orange Benevolent Society Annual Reports from 1923 to 2001 were printed in the Annual Reports of Proceedings for the Grand Orange Lodge of Saskatchewan. (now the GOL of Western Canada)  These proceedings have been donated to the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan (Regina) and are available to the general public.

Alberta Orange Foundation for Children Fund

This Fund can be accessed by any who would like to make donations to the Fund, or ask any questions regarding the Fund by Phone: 780-426-0015 or by contacting Scott Graham by e-mail at sgraham@ecfoundation.org

The Fund is designed to carry on the work long supported by the Alberta Orange Foundation for Children.  Income from the Fund will continue to support the work we have considered so important and may begin to make disbursements as early as November 2011.

Grants from the Fund will be made to registered charitable organizations that engage in the work that has been historically within the above stated intent and purpose of the Fund.

Founding source for individual children and registered charitable organizations aiding orphaned, handicapped and under-privileged children who are 18 years of age or younger in the province of Alberta.  Grants will not be made for research projects, capital funds, operating funds, matching funds, or seed money.

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