Loyal Orange Lodge History in Western Canada

Historic Address

In 1688, when the conditions in Great Britain became unbearable under the tyrannical rule of King James II, the notables of England invited William, Prince of Orange, and his wife Mary, (the daughter of James II,) to come from Holland to defend and maintain the Protestant Faith.

After James had fled from England, William and Mary were proclaimed King and Queen as joint Monarchs. This began what is now known as the "Glorious Revolution," which included a military campaign in Ireland with victorious battles at Derry, Enniskillen, Aughrim, and most notably The Battle of the The Boyne in 1690, which is still celebrated every year by Orangemen throughout the world on the 12th day of July.  From this revolution came freedom of religion, freedom of the press, the Bill of Rights, and the Parliamentary system of Government, as we know it today.

After the Battle of the Diamond on September 21st, 1795, outside the Village of Loughall, County Armagh, Ireland, the Order was reorganized and formed into Lodges for the defence of Protestantism, and for the mutual defence, support, and protection of Irish Protestants.  Since then it has had an abiding place in our midst.

Through immigration and military service, Orange principles spread to Canada and other parts of the world where Orange Lodges were eventually formed. In 1830, Ogle R. Gowan established The Grand Orange Lodge of British America, in Brockville, Ontario, to govern existing Lodges and to issue Warrants as Orangeism spread throughout Canada. The Warrant is the Charter which gives the Worshipful Master the authority to conduct his Lodge.

The Canadian Orange Order operates with four Degrees;  the Orange, Royal Blue, Royal Arch Purple and the Royal Scarlet.

The Order has five levels of Goverment; Primmary Lodge,  District Lodge, County Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodges, all of which operate under the auspices of The Grand Orange Lodge of Canada.  Our Grand Lodge, along with those of other National jurisdictions, form The Imperial Grand Orange Council of The World.


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