Loyal Orange Lodge History in Western Canada

No Lodge in your vicinity?  Why not start one?  All that is required is six people (age 16+) that meet the qualifications. Contact the secretary at knox@3web.com for more details or to have your name added to the contact file, or,


If you meet all of the requirements for regular membership but don't live near a lodge then you are encouraged to apply for Associate Benevolent membership. Dues are only $10/year (that includes subscription to the Sentinel Magazine) and you can apply to become a regular member in the future if you desire to.

British Columbia

Maple Ridge - 'Premier' LOL No. 1610

New Westminster - LOL No. 1615

Haney - 'Queen of the Valley' LOL No. 3113 - Meets 3rd Wed of the month in the Haney United Church.

Juvenile Orange Lodge - New Westminster (a youth organization for those under 18 years)

 Ladies Orange Benevolent Association - contact us for details.

Pride of Ulster Flute Band, Vancouver area. Looking for new members, older children and adults. If you can carry a flute or drum Contact mailto:%20grimmy7@telus.net


Edmonton - "Strathcona" LOL No. 1654 - Meets 3rd Wed of the month, Orange Hall.

Calgary - "Outram Memorial" LOL No. 2980 - Meets 4th Monday evening of the month at the  Tuxedo Community Hall, 202 - 29 avenue, North East, Calgary.  Email the secretary at adrian.cotter@live.ca for more information.   

Innisfail (Red Deer) "Star of the West" LOL No. 3163 - Meets the 4th Saturday of every second month at 3pm in the Orange Hall, Innisfail. (Following the Royal Black Preceptory meeting)  Email jameskeoghiii@shaw.ca for more information.

Ladies Orange Benevolent Association

Edmonton - "Lady Strathcona" No. 138 - Meets one Sunday afternoon each month in the Strathcona Orange Hall. Email jeparks@telus.net for more information.

Innisfail - "Orange Lily" No. 1309. Contact us for more information.


At Present there are no men's Lodges in Saskatchewan however an effort is being made to reorganize a lodge in Regina in the near future.  Persons wishing to become a member of a lodge in Regina are invited to contact the Western Canada secretary at knox@3web.com   Or you can apply to become an Associate member as noted on top of this page.

Ladies Orange Benevolent Association - contact us for more information.


Neepawa - "Neepawa" LOL No.1494 - Meets 3rd Wed of the month.

Winnipeg - "Golden West" LOL No.2311 LINK

Ladies Orange Benevolent Association - contact us for more information.

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