Loyal Orange Lodge History in Western Canada

Organizational Structure

Worshipful Master : Presides at all meetings and is responsible for order, decorum and good movement in the Lodge. He is the custodian of all Lodge property and see's that the Constitution and Laws of the Association are observed.

Immediate Past Master : Assists in the Initiation and other Degrees of the Lodge and is often called upon for advice and guidance.

Deputy Master : Assists the Master in the discharge of his duties and presides over the Lodge in the Master's absence.

Chaplain: Conducts the religious ceremonies of the Lodge.

Recording Secretary : Is the custodian of the Seal, Minute Book and the papers of the Lodge. He maintains a record of proceedings and conducts all correspondence for the Lodge.

Financial Secretary : Keeps the books of account between the Lodge and it's Members so as to maintain an up-to-date list of Members in good standing.

Treasurer : Is the custodian of the funds of the Lodge and shall pay the accounts of the Lodge when authorized to do so. Presents a complete statement of the financial condition of the Lodge when requested to do so. (the Financial Secretary and the Treasurer are often combined into the same office)

Marshal : Sees that the Members are properly attired and worthy of attendance. He escorts and presents visiting Dignitaries to the Lodge  and directs the Processions and Ceremonies of the Lodge.

Lecturers : Assist in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Lodge  and instruct the newly initiated Candidates and other Members in the work of the Degrees.

Tyler and Sentinel : Attend the doors of the meeting place, admitting only qualified persons and seeing that Ceremonies, once in progress, are not interrupted.

Committee : Deals with breaches of the Constitution and Laws of the Association and restoration of suspended Members.



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