Loyal Orange Lodge History in Western Canada

Orange Home - Indian Head, Saskatchewan
Establised 1923

Unfortunately, the whereabouts of any records pertaining to this home are unknown, if they still exist. A short list of former residents was recorded in the Grand Orange Lodge of Saskatchewan Report of Proceedings.

Some former Children of the Orange Home of Saskatchewan, Indian Head who volunteered for Active Service with Canada's Fighting Forces 1939-45

Aldridge, Kenneth *       Lembach, Raymond      
Amundsen, Lloyd           Leinbach, Maurice
Butler, Ira                      McNicol, Earl
Butler, Oliver                 McNicol, Mack  
Callin, Frank                  Moore, Jack
Callin, George               Oliver, Ernest
Cartwright, David          Payne, Walter         
Chalmers, Leon             Rooks, Fred
Chalmers, Lyal              Rooks, William        
Craig, Fergus                Sherring, Edward 
Craven, Albert              Sherring, Leslie
Craven, Elliott               Timlick, Harry
Craven, George            Timlick, Kenneth
Dunn, Allan                   Timlick, Warren 
Ismond, Ernest              Waldron, Thomas      
Ismond, Norton            West, Cyril

   Aldridge Kenneth H/1465   45 General Transport Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps. Drowned at landing in France, July 14, 1944.  Age 18.                           

New Westminster, British Columbia

Children of the True Blue & Orange Home, 1921. This building still remains.

Alberta Protestant Home for Children

Although the building is no longer there, it used to exist at 10621 - 92 street, Edmonton, Alberta and operated from 1935-1966. Click on link for story: Link


Protestant Orphanage, Pounderville Lot 90, St. Charles. The farm and house are now called Pounderville. Originally it was the Protestant Orphanage maintained by the Orange Order of Manitoba, 1963. The property called 'Elm Tree Farm,' is presently owned by Robert M. Chipman (1980). The suites are occupied by those who have duties relating to the operation of the many enterprises centered at the farm. The children from Camp Manitou still visit there and the tree still provides the focus for the campfire legend. Building completed in 1924.
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